2 Chainz and Lil Wayne ‘Yuck’ it on the VMA Stage

Well, 2 Chainz may probably be a new performer, but he has some great rapper friends in this industry and one of them is Lil Wayne. The lanky and tall Deuce took the VMA 2012 stage for the very first time. Chainz spit “Cut the top off, call it Amber Rose,” referring to the once bald headed fiancé (who is now pregnant) of Wiz Khalifa.

Chainz staggered left to right, rocking a black fedora, black tee as well as black glittery gloves, and obviously a couple of golden links around his neck. He recalled in the cavalry after the rap crown holder of Atlanta had total control of the stage.

Lil Wayne glided his way among the spectators and chalked up the stage starting the track’s cruddy hook, “Good weed, bad *itch/ Got these hoes on my d*** like Brad Pitt,” he came shirtless in a cheetah print shorts as well as a totally exposed Trukfit boxers.

Tunechi, who generally prefers to wear shades onstage, attracted the crowd as well as the TV audience by showing love of his rhymes with his eyes. After that, just as rooters came to touch their peak, the DJ interrupt Deuce’s song and prompted the new track of Weezy.

From that point of time, the energy was aroused much higher as Lil Wayne leapt up and down charging through the Dedication 4 track. Even Chainz could not hold his excitement after that. The performance may appear to you as great but it was just 2 good friends enjoying a good time.


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