Buzz Aldrin – “Rocket Experience” Prod. Snoop Dogg

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25 Responses to “Buzz Aldrin – “Rocket Experience” Prod. Snoop Dogg”

  1. livingroomsuperstar Says:

    lol @ Doc Rendezvouz

  2. Dan Kaufman Says:

    this is one of the best things i’ve ever heard

  3. Nenad Ristic Says:

    Snoop Dog and Buzz Aldrin…

    Nothing you ever do will be this cool.

  4. Petru Ratiu Says:

    Buzz Aldrin & Snoop Dogg collaboration. And the making of: “Rocket
    Experience” Making Of Video with Snoop Dogg

  5. Elliott Natale Says:

    How am I only just now finding out that Buzz Aldrin and Snoop Dogg made a
    rap video?!

  6. 32fsas Says:

    yeah right fly my ass to the break room to smoke a blunt in the studio i
    respect snoop and shit but damn why rasta? i mean u tryn to hard man and
    wiz is cool as h fuck them fake bastards my nuts have more footprints on
    the moon than this old liar theres a special place in hell for people like

  7. Hunter Marett Says:

    Buzz is a bad ass

  8. Rod Torque Says:

    When Buzz Aldrin chooses to rap I choose to listen. We do need to go to the
    stars.I too wish to be the spaceman.

  9. hersheykiss509 Says:


  10. Melinda Duquette Says:

    I need the rocket experience, Buzz!!! lol

  11. max acree Says:


  12. Nunya Buisness Says:

    Sadly the best song made in the last 10 years.

  13. jimmy Effendi Go Says:

    that old man is an actual astronaut. oh yeah girafe!

  14. EchoBoomer1987 Says:

    Buzz Aldrin is a true OG.

  15. Joss Trenner Says:

    he sounds like steven hawkins….

  16. UFTGaming Says:

    The best possible thing to do after landing on the moon… Make a rap song
    about it!

  17. Wm1bre Says:

    Just wanted to see if cracked was telling the truth…yup.

  18. Tizo T. Says:

    it brought me here for the same reason

  19. AwesomeRainbowDash1 Says:

    I am SO gonna use this for my Apollo 11 presentation 2morrow!

  20. ColorfulHyena Says:

    He wouldn’t be collaborating with Snoop if he was racist.

  21. funked ifeyeknow Says:


  22. Grant Lawson Says:


  23. John Allen Says:

    Obviously this is the greatest song ever written.

  24. BlueKrown Says:

    He’s the rap game Neil Armstrong

  25. drumttocs8 Says:

    How did we miss this??