Childish Gambino – It May Be Glamour Life (feat. Ghostface Killa)

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11 Responses to “Childish Gambino – It May Be Glamour Life (feat. Ghostface Killa)”

  1. OBEYtheBAY099 Says:

    The beginning lol “it’s royalty”

  2. bigninedeuce Says:

    WTF?? why so short?? to nice of a beat to do that…

  3. KameMasterRoshi Says:

    “I’m with the Childish Gambino
    On that Eastwood shit, pushin’ a Gran Torino” God Damn Ghostface kills it!!!

  4. Jteven Sohnson Says:

    WHYYY did it end

  5. dolemitethedr Says:


  6. KeVieDope Says:

    This Is Really The New God Flow.

  7. Mike Cherry Says:

    Wu tang generator, type donald glover. Thts where his name came from

  8. blublast3 Says:

    SO SHORT DAAAM This beat is sick and these lyrics were goin hard wuff extend this shit!

  9. aslocumb34 Says:

    This song is so damn good, I wish it was longer.

  10. Darnica Gordon Says:

    search Church B Bonfire

  11. 210UnderGroundRapper Says:

    Ghostface Killa is a beast…on the realz…
    What’s goodie NY…Yo Gambino show no mercy on the clowns…1luv.

    “Wu-Tang Forever”