Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams – GET LUCKY acoustic cover by Lounès

Video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams – GET LUCKY acoustic cover by Lounès”

  1. David Olaosebikan Says:

    love this 

  2. Pedro Silveira Says:

    really something:) i loved it

  3. Ivan Nadaski Says:

    Where can I listen to more stuff from this band/singer?

  4. Felipe Bernardo Says:

    todos são muito bons, mas deixo dois abraços para o percussionista que tem
    um mega swing =)

  5. alay lebay Says:


  6. George A BaazaaD Says:

    I enjoyed this one 150%, It was really lovely to watch, Thumbs up

  7. Felipe Bernardo Says:

    Muito bom caras! =)

  8. Nabberberito Says:

    Me encanta esta versión. Felicidades!

  9. Faux Esther Says:


  10. Lilyana. Says:

    Je kiffe les garçons !!!

  11. Marcio Takimura Says:

    Cara tu canta muito caralho!!!!! Puta que pariu!!!! Tu é demais caralho!!!!

  12. MarchVGdoctor Says:

    Groovy as mother FUCK!!

  13. Sara Rivera Says:


  14. cmr3 Says:

    Best cover of this song I’ve heard so far, for some reason on most of the
    other covers they slow it down it seems which I don’t like.

  15. Livio Ascione Says:



    Go Go Lounès…Great Job. The rodhiste is my Brother Sylvain
    Ratovondrahety…I’m so Proud…Thanks to Blackdough for the video.

  17. ferlolli Says:

    Lindo eh!

  18. HelenaGroovy Says:

    Je surkiffe!

  19. Lenny Kamanah Says:

    Ça c’est lourd

  20. Rédouane Traikia Says:

    Ça change beaucoup de l’original et justement c’est ça qui est bon j’adore

  21. xLikeGamer59 Says:

    Vous gérez ! Surtout Kervin ! 🙂 Continuez comme ca =)

  22. beccciatio Says:


  23. Miss Yella Says:

    Les best des best!!

  24. kyuzo26 Says:

    lol no George Barnette

  25. Jazz M Says: