Dez Bryant facing legal battle

Rapper Lil’ Wayne got involved in a noisy argument with Dez Bryant, the wide receiver of Dallas Cowboys at a nightclub in Miami. This ultimately led to the police detention of the National Football League star.

David Wells, the mentor of Dez Bryant confirmed on Tuesday that Dez was involved in a quarrel at the LIV Nightclub at Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach on this week’s Sunday night. On Wednesday, it was revealed that the altercation involved a renowned rapper’s entourage and that rapper was none other than Lil’ Wayne.

The fight between Lil’ Wayne and Dez Bryant apparently started when Bryant faced some derision for his financial woes and subpar season.
However, exactly who made these mocking remarks is not specifically known.

In recent times, Dez had been reportedly trying to avoid the reporters and media spotlight after reports surfaced regarding the lawsuit he faced at the New York hotel where the Dallas Cowboys team was residing while they were having their game with the New York Giants on the 1st of January.

The lawsuit has been brought by a New York-based finance firm called Endurance Capital Fund. According to them, Dez owes a large sum of money that exceeds $50,000 on an original loan of $100,000. The finance company claims that the loan debt has past its due date for more than a year. Dez has also been accused for eluding the Texas process servers.

Earlier during the last season, Dez had settled two lawsuits that were brought by jewelry manufacturers. One of these lawsuits allegedly claimed that Dez owed $600,000 for sporting event tickets and jewels.
The other lawsuit claimed that he owed a sum of $240,000 for jewelry.

On March 2011, he directed profanity towards a police officer of a fashionable Dallas mall who had asked Dez and his friends to wear their pants decently. A criminal trespass warning was issued on Bryant’s name and he was also temporarily banned to enter the premises of the mall.

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