DIRTY BLACK Foreign Headlights Big Plates On The Car (music video)

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17 Responses to “DIRTY BLACK Foreign Headlights Big Plates On The Car (music video)”

  1. Zosia2312 Says:

    das finde ich auch schön

  2. bembodz Says:

    DON’ T STOP!!!

  3. RetroGlamorous89 Says:

    FI-YAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

  4. DJCCUT Says:

    This looks like a Hollywood Film!! Wow bomb effects!! We want to see more of this!!

  5. Blabbwona Says:

    Now THAT’S A VIDEO!!!…….NAW,FUCK DAT!!!THAT’S A MINI MOVIE,RIGHT THERE,FAM!!!!!!From the credits,to introduction,the senery of the bridge,signs,citylights,the setting @ the poker table and even the x-ray shades!….The introduction completed the video as a whole and gave it even more life!…..I’m DEFINITELY happy with the results of the video,Pimpin’!!!!!!!KEEP HITTIN’ THESE HATERS HAAAAAARD!!!!CRASH N BURN,BITCHES!!!!LOL!!!LET’S GET IT IN!!!!

  6. divine3001 Says:

    Keep Doing you Bro…Tony Fingaz saide you were truth…..Never Lied!

  7. Marci20101 Says:

    half men half AMAZIIIING lol lovin the beat…keep it up!

  8. TheCmccathern Says:

    cuz you should have disappeared at the end.. lol Shit is hott.. you remind me of Me.. Baller getting it in

  9. t1771 Says:

    You this shit is sick my dude. Love it.. Please keep em comin we need good music nowadays more than ever … Thanks..

  10. laureltonkid Says:

    Joint iz crazy

  11. Metallica band Says:

    <3 Metallica

  12. Tina S Club 7 Says:

    I used to love S Club 7

  13. Gaga Videos Says:

    I want to be Lady Gaga

  14. Britney Videos Says:

    Jeremy Kyle FTW

  15. Sustenance Music Festival Says:

    Better than Glasto

  16. West Kanye Says:

    Kanye West is my favourite musician

  17. kegs and co Says:

    Love to dance 😀