Movie Rating: three / 5

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25 Responses to “Drake N Lil Wayne VS Topdawg FREESTYLE RAP BATTLE”

  1. Benny Rosario Says:

    Clean your dam nose 

  2. Chris Seigle Says:

    Bahhhhaaaahhhhhaaahhh!!! this is embarrassing. 

  3. Benny Rosario Says:

    You look more like a dog than a human looking at your ugly ass face isn’t
    amusin you talk English worse than a Mexican you’ll never have sex again
    you fuck a guy faster than you rap den its not Halloween your face is
    pretty fucked up guess what’s up the bills i pay cant understand? Your so
    gay come to me you’ll get your ass wiped every day ugly horse go back an
    eat some hay

  4. Benny Rosario Says:

    Know ones your kind yo ass look like you’ve lost your mine your teeth look
    like my behind I walk faster than you rap you never get a bitch to sit on
    your lap you got your Ryms from an app lay off the crack or you just eatin
    all that sap ugly ass in sports you get picked lass not surprised crazy ass

  5. mandy mary Says:

    what was that guy at the end sayin?

  6. Nadeche Pyka Says:

    so badd

  7. Dick Chappy Says:

    Eminem’s freestyle on Tim Westwood TV was better than both Lil Wayne’s and
    Drake’s freestyle combined

  8. nathan russel Says:

    Why is there so much dirty smelly white devil people all up in hip pop a
    black made music fuck off and listen to your own white music which is rock
    and roll

  9. Cullen Dyer Says:

    Im sorry wtf did lil wayne say and drake tbat little screethy ass noise bro
    fucked up hour freestyle but you ate , topp killed

  10. Fart Explode Says:

    must slay all niggers

  11. gadgetfreak Says:

    wtf man..hilarious…

  12. robyne tawkoyty Says:

    Top dog won 

  13. Lojonto Says:

    The dude at the end X’D WHAT?

  14. Donovaan Says:

    No hate but this is just bad and shows that mainstream rappers are just pop

  15. TheKamikazeKing Says:

    the beat is nice

  16. TeShon Edwards Says:

    Man U need to improve

  17. NINJATRONdnb Says:

    That battle should be called Lil Gayne vs Drake the Duck . both of them
    suck and should get hit by a truck . 

  18. Supreme Faculty Says:

    It would’ve been funnier if it wasn’t for the guys face. Kinda makes you
    wanna cringe. What’s his. Name? Lil Wayne? 

  19. Andre Slimm Says:

    fucking idiot top dawg 

  20. James Pale Says:


  21. Rello-Lu'kre Says:

    young niggas on they shit, walkin in a race on a paper chase macy grace
    swager with a lot of cake lol

  22. ihatemytaco Says:

    Hell nah

  23. Kevin ross Says:
  24. Zakk Redmon Says:

    You suck I’ll out rap u any day

  25. 1bullet2dead Says:

    did u add that beat to that rap if u did wat the beat called