Eminem vs Lil wayne freestyle rap 2012

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24 Responses to “Eminem vs Lil wayne freestyle rap 2012”

  1. alex rivera Says:

    Lil Wayne

  2. boris moris lopez Says:

    eminem not know anything else to complain about a life that the tube never;)
    Unlike other

  3. deliverednow Says:

    Eminem said I’ll spray puffy with mase

  4. Deveren Holmes Says:

    Lil Wayne won tht shit tho

  5. zuzazu24 Says:

    Thats way i dont listen to eminem anymore

  6. Joshua Barber Says:

    Eminem is legendary! Period end of subject

  7. edmunn131 Says:

    Lil Wayne is way better then that wigga wanna be

  8. Oscar Silva Says:

    Screw lil Wayne he shouldn’t even be against eminem not good enough

  9. mo4090042 Says:

    Lil wayne the best y’all ain’t about that life

  10. emwinslimshady Says:

    you aint the first idiot to say that shit… :c no hope in new generation.

  11. unstablejarod Says:

    Lil wayne is awesome best rapper there is haters goin hate

  12. theabcs88 Says:

    Bull shit …. killuminati bitchezzz

  13. haroldhunter9238 Says:

    En go hard

  14. Richard Goodwin Says:

    Wayne is retarded- Half the shit he says i have to really think wtf is he even saying- chk em’s shit_ When dude is throwing shit out hes rolling out with it {he’s goes cold from the soul every time} Wayne looks like the sloth off ice age! lmfao…

  15. whats12345678910 Says:

    lil wayn is a fag,him and bird man fuck each other.They are lovers.

  16. emwinslimshady Says:

    You must be kidding right? FUCK no lil waynes a bitch in freetylin and you must be a kid saying that shit and you forgot to mention Big L and Biggie , You bitch ass faggot ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  17. Djcorolla98 Says:

    You are so right i agree 100 percent wayne is the best freestyler 😉

  18. starsluck7 Says:

    waynes was tighter you shoulda picked a better slim style theres way better ones

  19. tom metje Says:

    eminem is better but lil wayne have good songs so, drop the world is one of them

  20. revol562 Says:

    i like lil wayne….but eminen is a big shit

  21. emwinslimshady Says:

    Eminem can lyrically murder wayne.

  22. ricky listman Says:

    new wayne this emeinem is old as shit…..wish wayne would flow like this on his albums

  23. King Carter Says:

    Marshall Mathers + Dwayne Carter=Best Rappers Alive 😀

  24. TheSodeymizer Says:

    Lil Wayne is shit man along with that young money, rap has turned absolutely shit since Tupac and Eazy E died man honest