Eminem Vs. Lil Wayne Freestyle

Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Eminem Vs. Lil Wayne Freestyle”

  1. Alex Herberger Says:

    This just shows how shitty of a rapper lil Wayne is. His was bad and he
    even repeated the same fucking words instead of coming up with rhymes

  2. Trolling all the way Says:

    Lil gayne should just quit his career. He doesn’t deserve to become a

  3. Mika De Boos Says:

    wayne you high again? or you just shit at rapping… please expand your
    vocabulary a little more then: dawg, shit, trippin, mom, nigga and all of
    that stuff.. Take some lessons from Eminem please.

  4. Jax Bird Says:

    Who gave little Wayne a mic he sucks dick

  5. Tristan Goodman Says:

    Eminem is the best in the world in I want to be him

  6. ii HD R3MiXx Says:

    Idiot man your so fucking stupied u don’t know who eminem is go back and
    listen to real rap music Lil Wayne sucks dick eminem is the shit bro!!!

  7. Trickshotx1999 Says:

    Lil wayne sucks at rapping damn i did not know he was that bad!
    raps some slow to!

  8. Hanna Ruiz Says:

    Eminem one without a fight wow Little Wayne I’m very disappointed

  9. Michael Samuel Says:

    What the fuck lil Wayne stop your fricken cocaine rap is your lane ur style
    and eminem aren’t the same the way Eminem came wasn’t good enough for the
    crowd thats why slim shady is proud he deserve’s it yo in the rap law when
    we enter rap raw there’s no execuse only refuse end up with abuse .

  10. Ricky Ramirez Says:

    eminem totoally won

  11. Jeffrey Chan Says:

    lil wayne, influenced by cocaine and lack of brain cells.

  12. Erik Hicks Says:

    Alright so for 1 eminem was way faster 2 eminem didnt reapeat words to buy
    time to think so eminem wins

  13. bornto play Says:

    whats wrong with lil waynes eyebrows wtf

  14. lamar sinclair Says:

    i like both but what was eminem raping about?? plz tell me i just dont get

  15. ShadyLemon Says:

    Eminem is way better

  16. Pulver CZ Says:

    Eminem is best King Rapperu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Abdulelah Alqhtani Says:

    Eminem murdered that nigga

  18. Eternal? Says:

    Rules to rap battling eminem:
    1-don’t let him go first
    2-don’t let him go second
    3-don’t rap battle eminem

  19. Eli James Says:

    He be singing in the most famous songs doe with drake and dem eminem isn’t
    as famous as lil wayne eminem only has monster.

  20. Janine Rockstar Says:

    Yaaay M&m 😀 Lily wayne raps kinda slow tho && idk but sometimes i think he
    says things that wont even make sense :/ man go learn how to rap

  21. victor bui Says:

    XD eminem won

  22. Pablo Freire Says:

    i wanna see emienm vs snoop god or death skull


  23. taylor bryant Says:

    Lil Wayne is king and always will be cuz it’s waynes world 

  24. Erwin Broekhoven Says:

    Eminem all the way

  25. Anthony Allwein Says:

    eminem killed lit wang he is the best in the world