Eminem Vs Lil Wayne – Rap Battle

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8 Responses to “Eminem Vs Lil Wayne – Rap Battle”

  1. asherbling1 Says:

    @TheSlyCandy i dont know sorry

  2. TheSlyCandy Says:

    Hey whats this track eminem is rappn?

  3. Jamie6796 Says:

    I love lil wayne but Eminem crushed him.

  4. ninjaquira Says:

    lil wayne more raps that are way better than eminem

  5. dathao91 Says:


  6. bannakid123 Says:

    eminem all the way! eminem runs this world!i like lil wayne and all but eminem can make you go speechless!

  7. 9478373 Says:

    Dammmmmmmmmnn lil wayne got smoked EMIN3M at da way man

  8. TikiCommunity Says:

    eminem has a beat dumbass