Exile – Love LIne

Online video Rating: four / 5

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23 Responses to “Exile – Love LIne”

  1. Knut Mikson Says:

    This where Capital STEEZ got this from ?

  2. FixedChamp Says:

    capital steez- emotionless thoughts

  3. biamor1 Says:

    gnammi gnammi

  4. ElMoz World Says:

    I think i found my new addiction.

  5. Celena Lulu Says:

    beautifu! tune 

  6. Eric Aberbook Says:

    @TheMediaPro shitty trolll is shitty

  7. HIP-HOP & THE WORLD Says:

    this beat is so lovely. even if youre not in the mood, this here puts you
    right back in.

  8. Souhila Says:

    this beat is smooth perfection. Exile is a genius.

  9. Mayuri Says:

    I’m kind of annoyed about blu stealing all exile’s popularity. i know its
    not at all blu’s fault. but it just seems like exile does not get enough

  10. ppainson Says:

    So glad to have found this again. Awesome track.

  11. Junior Luther Says:

    Blu killed this beat. thats my favorite Blu song hands down!

  12. urbanstrike04 Says:

    This Song’s edge is funky nice!!!

  13. Hazel is God Says:

    this beat is beyond killer

  14. willensix Says:


  15. Xenia Says:

    whenever they drop something together it says blu & exile. and I’d rather
    him do it for the love of making good music than making stuff just to put
    his name on for popularity

  16. skillztube Says:

    Yeah…Blu did this track right. I loved it so much I actually downloaded
    the lyrics just so I could catch everything he was spitting. Pure poetry…

  17. Calvin Williams Says:

    This beat sounds like Specifics- Take Me Back…. Dope beat… Exile!!!!

  18. Tasha Baxter Says:


  19. Spencer Chin Says:

    nice description 🙂 I enjoyed reading that!

  20. SugarFreeTargets Says:

    @TheMediaPro Not everyone can appreciate the same art.

  21. BusDeezy Says:

    It makes me feel so alive! Love it so much 🙂

  22. Josh Dade Says:

    Exile with another great one.

  23. Mahsuni Ronson Says:

    Gayest shit I have herd.