Ghostface Killa – Street Chemistry

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33 Responses to “Ghostface Killa – Street Chemistry”

  1. skywigs Says:

    this shit is hard

  2. Maestro13193 Says:

    who doesn’t like milk from the titties? lol ghost forever!

  3. royalsteven Says:

    Are my ears deceiving me or, did that nigga just say ‘suck milk from the titties?’ O_O

  4. LaidbackPlayboy Says:

    That cartoon robe Ghost got on off the hook….

  5. rekmadethebeat Says:

    this needed to b longer heeeeeeeeeeee’s comin back again oh OH oh….lol

  6. rekmadethebeat Says:

    ok this beat is hot as fuck. dam.

  7. Swype87 Says:

    “Ghost, cut me some cake man!!”

  8. mastawu100 Says:

    look for I`m biting off of you,easily Ghostace`s best song,uploaded it

  9. Iroh624 Says:

    VINTAGE WU…..they should come out with an album with nothing but songs like this gothic and scary and hype

  10. MegaHastle Says:

    For strange odd reason, the first time I heard this beat the first thing that came to mind was Blair Witch…LMAO!!! Sorry but this sounds like some go hard evil witchcraft sorcery type shit provided by The Alchemist!

  11. KILLARidiculE Says:

    dope ass track n tha cover iz funny az hell. whoever did that should draw the whole wu-tang together like dat haha

  12. mikeygeneral Says:

    Ghost shoulda used this as his real album cover….

    Why Raekwon only got 3 fingers? LOL

  13. funkbrother216 Says:

    I know

  14. pimpinmyplaya92 Says:

    but thats not the real cover so…

  15. rbg2819 Says:

    alchemist did the beat, insane

  16. spideymayne Says:

    LOL you should do more album covers.

  17. Edwardlbaker Says:

    Prodigal Sunn is right up there with the best of em.

  18. ewalton2477 Says:

    LOL! Wow. Album cover caught me by surprise… Classic.

  19. Jamarn Says:

    LOL @ the album cover.

  20. seldomsceen Says:

    this is the classic Starks shit right here

  21. PowerIBismillah Says:

    This is ill!

  22. mikeygeneral Says:

    Album cover LOL – Thank god for photoshop. sometime it make me laugh. The cartoon is dead serious. LOL

  23. funkbrother216 Says:

    I know this is stupid, but it’s true. The album cover helps sell the album. And attractive cover sells more than a generic cover such as that of Wallets. Generic covers give people who are not devoted fans the wrong impression. They need an art designer to design more provacative covers.

  24. vonversace Says:

    my jamm

  25. thg112tyt Says:


  26. Ri Ri Says:

    Rihanna is HOT!

  27. Black Eye Peas Says:

    Where is the love?

  28. Concerts Says:

    nothing like going to concerts

  29. Aldrich Says:

    All about heavy metal music tbh

  30. Michael Buble Music Says:

    Didn’t this hit the top of the charts in the UK?

  31. Jonas Music Says:

    Nick Jonas wins

  32. Top band Sites Says:

    What have I gotta do to make you care?

  33. Dave Music Says:

    I wish everyday could be like this one!