Ghostface Killah Speaks On Rap Retirement Based On Age

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33 Responses to “Ghostface Killah Speaks On Rap Retirement Based On Age”

  1. beefhat1 Says:

    ghost always tells it like it is. i love this shit

  2. uLOVEmySWAGGAbitch Says:

    Genius. Just summed up the game in 4 minutes.

  3. rorjr99 Says:

    I can see Tony Stark droppin’ dimes at 60 (even without his teeth).

    Long live Real Hip-Hop!

  4. urdynamix1 Says:

    Ain’t Nobody Fading Ghost, Period.

  5. mikeygeneral Says:

    I love ghost. Ghostface forever. he said it …… ” It’s infinite.”

  6. dznuts72 Says:

    Ghost is one of my favs and one of the only “real” rappers left

  7. ise1880 Says:

    Wu-tang clan aint nothin to F’k wit!

  8. theWILSE Says:

    this dude is the shit

  9. 1therevoltz Says:

    dini is the man still

  10. BigBearfromthe206 Says:

    “I like sayin fly shit to certain music”

    Thats exactly why ghost is the best in the east and he hasnt sold out.

  11. 351cleveland Says:

    lol on some r kelly shit

  12. therichonez Says:

    lol ghost kept it funky…i fukx wit dat cat

  13. DaAlphaOmega Says:

    @LastPosterStanding hes talking about relating to your listeners,music is music,no matter how old you get your still going to do what you wont know how you feel until you get there,he might want to keep rappin even at 70.Hes keepin real.

  14. Adamjs2134 Says:

    all i gotta say is the loger wu’s rapn the better.

  15. birddog0612 Says:

    That nigga is great

  16. JDev82 Says:

    ghost is one of the smartest dudes out. you cant limit him to anything

  17. Lyriconymfo Says:

    exaaactly Ghost!!! there will ALAWAYS be something to write about…just make that shit sound fly!!!!!!

  18. 23jordanAIRwalker Says:

    niggas who rock skinny jeans.. hey! im sellin my sisters jeans! yall wana buy em? lol fuckin fagss..

  19. osunhoney Says:

    I love Ghostface – he is a thorough azz nigga and that turns me on!

  20. BeenaBee Says:

    im talkin about ill canes, glass canes HAHAHAHAHA Ghost is a funny nigga

  21. quadree1 Says:

    I love hearing real niggas talk most niggas give rehearsed answers and feeling ghost face give you that certain feeling when you listen to him other niggas be so wack they make the next wack nigga want to rap and so on and so on

  22. hlxdeadprayer Says:

    … on some r. kelly shit hahahahha

  23. GrimlockDinobot Says:

    yeah he’s right KRS still got it

  24. Msambitious88 Says:

    I cried the first time i heard all that i got is you too ….. Love hip hop

  25. JeReL19 Says:

    Love or hate his language he’s a live dude. Great artist.

  26. Chroma Music festival Says:

    Get down to Chroma

  27. Henry Johnson Says:

    Henry Johnson is my inspiration

  28. Rihanna Music Says:

    Rihanna is HOT!

  29. Nicole Scherzinger Says:

    Wish I was Lewis Hamilton

  30. Rihanna Rocks Says:

    Have you seen the size of her legs!?

  31. Michael Buble Says:

    I love this. Thanks for posting!

  32. Nick Jonas Music Says:

    Nick = my favourite Jonas brother

  33. Fritz Music Says:

    Time to see what the concerts are like methinks