Juelz Santana feat. Young Jeezy & Lil’ Wayne

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32 Responses to “Juelz Santana feat. Young Jeezy & Lil’ Wayne”

  1. hesinsan3 Says:

    yea n elz can show everything he claims

  2. MallyG74 Says:

    Man i miss the old Wayne

  3. kinomaj Says:

    lil wayne used to wear baggy clothes??

  4. darren0528 Says:

    Em 279 dislikes is gay

  5. thepoppabear Says:

    @ThatFellazZz Ice Cube for one. and lil wayne can barely even rhyme properly half the time

  6. Tokyuuu Says:

    snowman went hard. Bakin soda residue im gone wit tha other two….WHOOO!

  7. BillGatesMoney1 Says:

    on chief angelo4 this shit bangin

  8. BillGatesMoney1 Says:

    @icecold99 agreed folks.

  9. 500kaven Says:

    thumbs up if yu playin diss in 2011

  10. ThatFellazZz Says:

    @thepoppabear & how’s that you TIT? His craft is WORD PLAY, And he does it better then anyone in the game. I must say tho, Ludacris DTP, Word of Mouf was the first kind of metaphorical rap I had ever heard. Then Wayne came “in to his own” & almost threw me out of my seat when I heard some of the stuff he had. When an ARTIST makes you listen to a song over & over because you keep hearing/learning more each time you hear it…HE’S MASTERED his craft. How many artists you know can do that?

  11. thepoppabear Says:

    @ThatFellazZz hahah obviously you have mistaken his craft.

  12. blckdiamondent Says:

    machine gun kelly killed this beat..its old but better then this

  13. XxZoHaN223xX Says:

    this song sucks

  14. darklordkiki Says:

    this isnt rap. flashing all that cash and talking about ass. seriously somebody take me back to tupac biggie and cool g rap

  15. ThatFellazZz Says:

    This was the IMMATURE lil Wayne. He’s matured & mastered his craft.

  16. BirdyGerman Says:


  17. icecold99 Says:

    2- weezy
    3- santana

  18. MistahhHipHop Says:

    Juelz Santana Is Amazing , I Think He’s Still Underrated

  19. jtown1st Says:


  20. TOEBOY813 Says:

    @theone456 Lame.

  21. TOEBOY813 Says:

    @BrianSlack20 Jeezy killed it.

  22. PANDY93 Says:

    big meech @2:25-@2:28

  23. lrhsflyguy Says:

    copped 10 sold 5 then i hid 3

  24. EmsCrazyLady16 Says:

    @theone456 whyy are you even listening then!

  25. menzoberranzan75 Says:

    FOOL-this is EXACTLY what “THEY” Want you to DO!!

  26. Britney Says:

    Spars is awesome!

  27. Roxx Records Says:

    This Roxx

  28. Gutterpups Band Says:

    I thought the Gutterpups did it better

  29. Popular Music Says:

    She has a great pair of… lungs 🙂

  30. Music Idol Says:

    Love Music Idol

  31. House Music Says:

    I love House Music

  32. Zoser Music Says:

    Its all about the money money money