KRS-One talks about rap battles, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Nelly, Hip-Hop with Omar Starr (OD)

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25 Responses to “KRS-One talks about rap battles, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Nelly, Hip-Hop with Omar Starr (OD)”

  1. SpefTees310 Says:

    This Guy is The Real Deal

  2. re1nier Says:

    How I love KRS, always speaking intelligently. Other hiphoppers should take him as an example. Love and thanks, Kris!

  3. mikejpete Says:

    So what KRS is saying, is understand the scam, but don’t buy into it. Know yourself, that’s true Hip Hop.

  4. mikejpete Says:

    speak towards the issues that govern the families of hiphop’s listeners no matter race color or creed, speak towards the communities of the diaspora that is hip hop today. But instead we act in zombified consumer fashion and idolize what we envy in the emcee, rather than realizing what is self-evident in the beauty of ourselves. And in doing so, it separates us from each other. Lil Wayne gets to live his life by spitting about what he wants. That’s a misleading ideology. Wealth is centralized.

  5. mikejpete Says:

    @WeezyJColeFan it’s no disrespect or hate to Wayne by people with the sentiment that he’s not nice. It’s just that he’s not nice to us. You’ve been brainwashed to buy into the self-aggrandizing, material crap, and exploitive nature of his brand of rap music. It’s made to spiritually defecate not just black people, but those that buy into it all. The corporatization of art transforms it into fast food instead of what it should actually do. Uplift, broaden and not decrease attention spans.

  6. TheRealOreo1 Says:

    This is one of the realest interviews ive ever heard… Krs One kicked knowledge on this!!!

  7. cobydick0 Says:

    @VanHalenWorshiper really? i wasn’t aware there ever was a good lil wayne

  8. iArePinkMoon Says:

    @VanHalenWorshiper i could see how you think that but thats a single minded perspective on wayne.your entitled to it but go breakdown his 6ft 7ft verse. “real gs move in silence like lasagna” that line is one of the best one liners I’ve heard in a while.

  9. VanHalenWorshiper Says:

    @iArePinkMoon fuck wayne my perspective, you expect me to believe that a guy doing pop autotune songs and then making a horrible so called rock album is still a blood and a gangster, i dont think so
    THAT’S FACT!!! the good lil wayne died in 1999

  10. iArePinkMoon Says:

    with that being said listen to my groups music on my page most of our songs are produced by me, but we do use some dj premier beats and a few others….lame plug but i figured i might as well say it.

  11. iArePinkMoon Says:

    people like rakim and krs 1 aren’t on waynes lyrical level/flow/uniqueness.yes little wayne goes over some dumb beats but the only reason those guys are ever held above him is because they are hip hop pioneers.hes passed them…sorry he’s not a little wayne”dickrider”either i respect all of them. wayne doesn’t suck though and he never gets his favorite mc right now is shad though he’s fucking insane. him or earl sweatshirt.but quit fighting its all perspective.

  12. F10ExTReME Says:


    mimimimi, keep hating

  13. SnowCavern20 Says:

    Lil Wayne sucks, that is all.

  14. DeviousDav Says:

    KRS One should come to Canada and check out KOTD 😛 I think he’s been a host on Grind Time.

  15. CDudMusic Says:

    krs speaking real shit chi-town stand up

  16. hustler1babe Says:

    if krs would have a clothing line i would buy, if he would have movie deal i’d go watch but see he is so freaking real

  17. Y2J75 Says:

    @zigrendon MC Shan & Krs-One Say “Fuck You”! =D

  18. Sprafikk Says:

    @jmarrvin Credit is given where Credit is due.

  19. jmarrvin Says:

    @Sprafikk why thanks!

  20. Sprafikk Says:

    @jmarrvin Wholeheartedly agree with you and you took the words right from my mind after reading “Lilwaynesucks’s” comment. I admire your humility.

  21. loufrog7 Says:

    Krs u trip me out! I was boutto go 2 sleep but u kept me up with all that knowledge and wisdom, ur legend my friend

  22. azaelandy04 Says:

    @jmarrvin Truth !

  23. zigrendon Says:

    1 is so full of shit.The “rules of hip hop battlin'”.Don’t make me laugh.
    Fuck Mc Shan.
    He always brings up that old ass shit.
    I won a fight in 5th grade.

  24. lilwaynefuckinsucks1 Says:

    @WeezyJColeFan quit sucking his dick, homo. maybe you can lend cedpooh38 your computer cuz he doesnt even have one. make sure you wipe it clean first

  25. WeezyJColeFan Says:


    You losing countless hours of your life hating him