Lil Wayne Ft. Chance The Rapper – You Song (Dedication 5)

Online video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Lil Wayne Ft. Chance The Rapper – You Song (Dedication 5)”

  1. Martez Adams Says:

    Chance The Rapper is trash! Wayne killed this shit.

  2. CpHakR1 Says:

    didn’t even know this existed
    let’s feast

  3. xJonnyboi17x Says:

    lil wayne is chances biggest inspiration, he said he still thinks lil wayne
    is the best rapper. People forget lil wayne used to be good. I guess thats
    his own fault though.

  4. NutellaPanda Says:

    This is the best wayne verse period post to him getting out of jail.

  5. Sierra Smith Says:

    One of the few songs i actually really like by Lil Wayne 

  6. Robert Matteo Says:
  7. Josh Josh Says:

    Wayne should of shot a video for this song with Chance, put this out as a
    radio single and all that. It’s catchy and probably one of the best Wayne
    songs in a while

  8. Swang ToTheLeft Says:

    chance is corny as hell. Weezy did his thang tho

  9. Julian Marquez Says:

    Chance made this song

  10. Tony Smith Says:

    I like this one and “Itchin”. And Kidd Kidd killed “Fuckin Problems.”

  11. Olu Olowogboye Says:

    “She say I act like I dont miss her thats because I don’t act but anyway we
    can role-play or get straight to it” complete madness.

  12. KingZayTv Says:

    I look up to lil wayne like crazy, no lie

  13. AngelReyMusic Says:

    Shouldn’t this be Chance’s song? since he’s on the 1st verse and hook. 

  14. Lefty Says:

    Eminem freestyle flow, bet he had something to do with this

  15. Zack Ward Says:

    The flow of this song sounds just like Eminem – My Name Is

  16. Darius Turner Says:

    Microwaveable oven lol weird but cool

  17. MrAwesomeIndieniable Says:

    Chance flows so much like Eminem.

  18. 12sk8erdude Says:

    That first verse just makes me laugh every time

  19. winston richards Says:

    I hate Wayne but I’m gonna listen just cuz chance is on it

  20. savethedolphinsman Says:

    Weezy with a bit of a Kendrick flow right here. Kind of like a flow from
    his mixtape C4, which used beats from Tha Carter 3. Interesting.

  21. Adam Bieber Says:

    Kool aid in a wine glass! 

  22. Apulux Says:

    This was Chance’s Song Ft Lil Wayne but Chance gave it to him.

  23. jale jaake Says:

    If chance was in illuminati it would have more views. He isn’t tho which
    means it won’t be heard a lot even if like wayne is in illuminati

  24. Armin Halilovic Says:

    chance the rapper is so fucking overrated

  25. The115fan Says:

    Wayne good when he ain’t sayin nigga every 5 seconds or constantly rappin
    bout sex