Lil Wayne – How To Love [ Lyrics ]

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25 Responses to “Lil Wayne – How To Love [ Lyrics ]”

  1. lagitcountrygurl01 Says:

    omg i love the part were hes like “you see a lot of crooks, and the crooks still crook, see u had a lot of crooks try to steal ur heart” my fav part i turn it up wen tht part comes

  2. lagitcountrygurl01 Says:

    he doesnt seem like a total tool in this song ­čÖé

  3. gabylon0 Says:

    auto tune does wonders haha

  4. avagirl29 Says:

    thumbs up is bella thorne sent you here!

  5. frazierdrywall Says:

    good song

  6. skylerr18 Says:

    this is such a great song that praboaly about millian of the veiws is just from 1 side of my family!!!!!!!!!!:) best song ever baily perry

  7. MagicakaHieroglyphic Says:

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  8. ChickenBoy159 Says:

    f*** 1’176 people this is an amazing song

  9. GEMPromo Says:

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  10. TaraIsLegitt Says:


  11. cutestlittlekittykat Says:

    1,167 people don’t know how to love!

  12. shailoveshim Says:

    I absolutely love this song! I mean who really knows how to love? Not me. I have the worst time w/ love :/

  13. staccz2010 Says:

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  14. baby21415 Says:

    i love this song !!! how to love ? lol well thats a good question

  15. itsagirlsworld25 Says:

    I love Wayne sooo much and this just shows everyone who thought he was shallow that he has a soul.
    Well done Lil Wayne….well done.

  16. 125Andria Says:

    He wrote this song after he met me!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  17. bauerhockey2010 Says:

    @l3eastlyR3B3L actually maybe if you listened to actual GOOD real hip hop rap you would no. instead all you listen to is this guy. B.I.G, Eazy-e, Slick rick, Tupac of course, Big L, any of them…10x better. and they actually write their songss……

  18. jaleelsally Says:

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  19. RomeakaMsRayRay Says:

    @makcheeze1 awwwwwwwww that’s so cute…i hope u 2 last 4ever :*-)….tears of joy

  20. JeepazCreepazTHV Says:

    @l3eastlyR3B3L how can we say anyones better than Wayne.? hmmm lemme see……. Tupac Shakur. End of story.

  21. JeepazCreepazTHV Says:

    There is a meaning to this song. Im not a very big Lil Wayne fan but there is a VERY deep meaning to this song and it has nothing to do with his love for a female or even his love for anything at all. Weezy has a very deep subliminal message in thi song and that makes it about the only Lil Wayne song I’ve come to like.

  22. makcheeze1 Says:

    i love this song it reminds me of the the boy i love he teach’s me HOW TO LOVE i love youu.(:

  23. thatkidtammy Says:

    wow, he’s made a song i like, good job ;D

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  25. rlundi69 Says:

    Wow this is the first time Lil’ Wayne doesn’t sound like a complete tool. Dare I ask, is Weezy growing up??