Lil Wayne – Nightmares Of The Bottom (Lyrics)

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33 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Nightmares Of The Bottom (Lyrics)”

  1. JAuraTV Says:

    @kalonnevrik Don;t tell me the eminem dick riders have arrived. Bro I wrote on the drop the world song saying wayne went harder and got flamed like u wouldn’t believe lol.

  2. PAClVlAN Says:

    @kalonnevrik yeahhh thats why they’re compared…

  3. TheLudacrisDTP Says:

    @TheBaseballcatcher08 i really hope cuz i love him (NO HOMO) but

    w w w d0t rap fix d0t m t v d0t c o m/2011/06/22/lil-wayne-prepares-to-retire/

  4. TheBaseballcatcher08 Says:

    @TheLudacrisDTP he wont

  5. TheLudacrisDTP Says:

    Weezy said he’s gonna retire after Tha Carter IV

  6. austincs4 Says:

    could someone please explain how over 100 people dislike this song?

  7. scotty5448 Says:

    @TheRiseofFino you a fuckin idiot then , wayne is in top ten , you cock sucking thunder cunt

  8. Mitchelveli Says:

    @ScrubsAndVers5 i like have facebook?

  9. TheMsangelb Says:

    i hear on the Carter iv tech 9 gon be on the album its gon have everybody soul creature it itself givers me jitters *russtle*

  10. macknolia7 Says:

    Yo dis is hott!!!! Weezy killed it…he did the first verse at the end of his tour though but is was still tight. And Tha Carter IV has been pushed back til August 29th

  11. jukuprincess Says:

    i cant wait till wayne dropz tha carter iv!!! hopefully itz az good az tha carter iii

  12. 2535lex Says:

    yeh go weezy

  13. lakestocky Says:

    @TheRiseofFino you dont like him, dont watch it dumbass

  14. 2535lex Says:

    yeh go weezy!!

  15. 3dawg100 Says:

    @mexicanaflaka i be want in to tell the haters that all the time

  16. mexicanaflaka Says:

    G E T A L I F E . ! ! ! ! ! !

  17. thug8200 Says:

    @TheRiseofFino lmao i got warm up and friday night lights i love them both but every carter is better especially 2 and the leak is better drought 3 is better prefix is better suffix is better dedication 2 is better lights out is better cole just aint versatile enought to fuck with wayne on his worst day

  18. thug8200 Says:

    @TRAZE818 but that shit took off after they seen the that fuckin battle scene and he aint better then wayne

  19. TuneChi2013 Says:

    da “F” cAN mean wateva da “F” can mean…..and rite now mi “F” mean stop hatin on da fuking if u don’t like it den put dislike

  20. CmcKing033 Says:

    @crazydudejr81 hell yeah he is nigga

  21. FrshRoger Says:

    @CallMeMythik ikr its dumb !

  22. FrshRoger Says:

    yall sum fckin haters , wayne best rapper alive ! #StraightLikeDet

  23. ThEgReAtEsT284 Says:

    best song right now this comin out on his new album and im goin 2 get that

  24. CallMeMythik Says:

    gtfo with that bull shit bro. EVERY goddamn video I go to I see you kids trying to have some political debate and shit over who’s the best rapper. Fuck man, it’s music, enjoy it. Either say the song is good or say it’s ass. No need to start ignorant shit. You people have too much time on your hands. Smh

  25. KidRichTUBE Says:

    @TROStar13 haha

  26. With the Band Says:

    Its ok, I’m with the band 🙂

  27. Andy Gunn Music Says:

    Great stuff!

  28. Bob Dylan Music Says:

    I love Bob Dylan

  29. Ash Tisdale Says:

    Ashley Tisdale FTW

  30. Gaga Says:

    I am in love with Lady gaga

  31. Number 1 music Says:

    How many number 1s have there been?

  32. My Music Says:

    Only good bands are allowed in my kingdom

  33. dance floor hire Says:

    I wish it could be christmas everyday