Lil Wayne speaks about his retirement plans

Lil Wayne helped Katie Couric to start the season 2 of her day time television chat show on Monday with a breaking interview where he spoke about his seizures, drug addiction, retirement and more. The rapper and Katie Couric first chatted in the year 2009 in a CBS special that ahead the New Orleans man’s 4 Grammy wins that year. Speaking to Katie Couric 4 years later he courteously told her: “I’m a gangsta Miss Katie.”  The show appeared like a meeting between 2 old buddies, who became very close since their very first one on one interview.

Turning to his epilepsy, Lil stated that the round of seizures which kept him at the hospital earlier were brought on by dehydration, codeine addiction and overworking. He told that he had been taking pain tablets and those pills carries codeine in them. Therefore, when he slowed down on the syrup, it was as if a reaction of sorts as he had not been having the codeine.

The “Tapout” star is now quite clean, and he went on to talk about his kids and calling it a day by the age of thirty five to concentrate on fatherhood. He actually has no programs to take his 4 sons and daughter Reginea in this industry. He told that he does not want to pressurize them that they must do this or that. He grew up to be exactly who he wanted to be and how he wanted to be and he wants that for all of his kids.


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