LIl Wayne-The Rapper Eater (with Lyrics)

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31 Responses to “LIl Wayne-The Rapper Eater (with Lyrics)”

  1. proffesionalbeanflic Says:

    @aesnowb04 i totally agree even tho i liked lollipop lol but after that its like he stopped trying and just started spittin one liners that dont even make any sense

  2. jordansholaja10 Says:


  3. aesnowb04 Says:

    old wayne>new wayne. He even says at the end of the song thats he not gonna do what hes doing right now! sell out to pussy ass girly music, lollipop was the start of his down fall. His prime 2004-2008 was on fire, all of his 2007 mixtapes murdered it, were so sick, tha carter 1 and 2 and half of 3 was ill. now he sucks and hes a sell out to the label to make his top 40 hits and disgusting autotune singing. i want the old wayne to SPIT again.

  4. MrLovestheladies Says:

    fucking love this song

  5. playyamxz550 Says:

    orginal beat is from kia shine-wow

  6. SajjadRockzAlwayz Says:

    @lilphantomkilla wat u think me and ppl who rated the coment dont know it j- u r stupid noob

  7. eabreu10 Says:

    Check out my remix to this shittt its sick i promise you won’t be disappointed!

  8. lilphantomkilla Says:

    @SajjadRockzAlwayz GUN IDIOT!!!!!

  9. Karma2Dope2Chill Says:

    lol at the irony in tha last 3:50-4:30 … well he did shoot himself… touche, mr carter.. touche

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  11. oDEATHSTAR1031o Says:

    Of course its a montage of multiple verses from Lil Wayne and ‘Little Shop of Horrors” (a musical) happened to be in the song, but overall i would blast this shit with my subs.

  12. prestige162 Says:

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  13. GiqqleBox1997 Says:

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  14. SecretCrowds22Livia Says:

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  15. osiud97 Says:

    LoL, next time take the deal and stay real 🙂

  16. jordansholaja10 Says:

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  17. VanguardGames Says:

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  18. nrg56q Says:

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  19. stan7654 Says:

    Nappy ass hair like Buck wheat otay lmao…i like that

  20. DAFFYxJAY Says:

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  21. osiud97 Says:

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  22. bayboss510Nugguh Says:

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  23. VanguardGames Says:

    @osiud97 That’s a lie.

  24. osiud97 Says:

    @VanguardGames A compelling argument…

  25. VanguardGames Says:

    @osiud97 My ass.

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