Nardwuar vs. Drake

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33 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Drake”

  1. nmt84 Says:

    :: Drake Voice :: We Kno!!


    Did not know that Drake was related to Larry Graham.

  3. JonnyAndrewRyan Says:

    “Do you know MICHIE MEE??” (high pitched voice)

  4. wicKETjuggAlO666 Says:

    @warmsparrow1 woooooooooww you definatly arent black my friend

  5. RedRare7249 Says:

    @8SOUNDFX8 hahah thatss kool…. may hjesus be in ur heart 🙂

  6. 8SOUNDFX8 Says:

    @RedRare7249 OF NIGGER 66666666666666666666666666666

  7. RedRare7249 Says:

    @8SOUNDFX8 777….



  9. 8SOUNDFX8 Says:

    @RedRare7249 666

  10. anthonypucino Says:

    Lmfaoo at the end, I would have laughed so loud if I was there. That was fucking hilarious hahahaha!

  11. jayyteeET Says:

    what a shit ugly vest

  12. showtender851 Says:

    me and drake are alike by loving boobs soo muchh:DD

  13. brownsuga1991 Says:

    “is it over?” lmao!!

  14. RedRare7249 Says:

    why are the devil followers… FOLLOWERS!!!… raiding this page?? DRAKE is JEWISH…haha too bad… bless the ofwg krew and their brainwashed following..

  15. zach14401 Says:

    This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep.

  16. LPCRileys Says:


  17. KrazyAzzEaglez Says:

    Play 2:32 over and over again, he says “its” 20,000 times lmao

  18. robertbutler714 Says:

    lmao, he gave no love to big pooh

  19. skonallizer Says:

    I can tell that your gay Drake

  20. MrAnimated Says:

    No drake. No. You are not bringing C&C back.

  21. ellequence44 Says:

    lol drake and 40 are so high

  22. MRTTVD Says:

    where does he get this shit?

  23. Secret1099 Says:

    Bras . LOL

  24. cyberturban Says:

    @warmsparrow1 She’s a black pornstar

  25. bigsoso20 Says:

    he moved at the end

  26. BritneySpears Says:

    I heart Britney Spears

  27. Roxx Says:

    Thanks for this – I think!?

  28. Gutterpups Says:


  29. Highly Favoured Says:

    Is this pop?

  30. Bulgarian Pop Idol Says:

    Love Music Idol

  31. Hard House Says:

    Lolve it love it love it!

  32. ZoserMusic Says:

    Love th way you lie

  33. mobile stages Says:

    I should be dancing