Pharrell Williams on Holy Ship!!!

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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11 Responses to “Pharrell Williams on Holy Ship!!!”

  1. freaknesss Says:

    Major Lazer – Aerosol Can feat. Pharrell (Boaz Van De Beatz) (14′) :)

  2. Courtney Ferlance Says:

    @Pharrell+@MAJORLAZER= #OMG 

  3. YoungBlaze Of Chitown Says:

    That beat tho!

  4. Eclectic Method Says:

    new MAJOR LAZER track with Pharrell Williams

  5. HHS Fr Says:

    wow that’s dope

  6. The Master Says:

    This is sick!

  7. LedParade Says:

    What did you films this with? The audio is surprisingly good!

  8. dameadelphia Says:
  9. Olibur L Says:

    Pharrell is the legend

  10. Sorot Thongpravati Says:

    sickkkkkkk againn boyzz

  11. Glowbox Production Says:

    lol hes hardly even rapping it lol