snoop dogg and talib kweli freestyle

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25 Responses to “snoop dogg and talib kweli freestyle”

  1. Piercebandits Says:

    miss the real snoop

  2. Jay Kay Says:

    Love Snoop but Big L holds that title

  3. findadream09 Says:

    Talib killed it. Snoop just kept saying he spits from the top of his head and that his name is Snoop D-O-double-G.

  4. Wazzuphomiegunit Says:

    hes still a g tho

  5. mrflair919 Says:

    check out Fame Bryant (sporty) another shot
    not great but not bad either, worth a listen

  6. TheGhettoPanda1 Says:

    Is it me or does he say it at least once every freestyle?

  7. FlshbckMuzik Says:

    man… who the fuck freestyles over this track!?!?! … my gawd dj’s suck fkn BALLS today

  8. saltypixell Says:

    Check Kurupt’s freestyle.

  9. Jeramiah Harland Says:

    your a dumbass if you think he did. you think someone gaining snoops recognition wouldn’t have opportunities to make a lot of money easy? the best part is that he marketed him image. he stayed himself – rapping, thugging, and smoking his way to the bank. get out of here.

  10. Tupac24510 Says:

    ur a dumbass if u think he didn’t sell out

  11. David Keeling Says:

    snoop sucked

  12. Nick Zegson Says:

    talib kweli killed it

  13. Celethal Says:


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  17. vasak95 Says:

    the beat is “50 Cent - Wanksta”

  18. Cody King Says:

    Snoop didn’t sell out.he just got tired of dirt weed lol

  19. montano653 Says:

    How could you not know this beat? come on man.

  20. SquattingBear01 Says:

    you know tigga and snoop were high

  21. alex white Says:

    i think selling out is apart of snoop dogg as a person though:P

  22. Erick Ojeda Says:

    Doggy dogg <3

  23. Lyle Wilson Says:

    Snoop cool as hell

  24. Dwan Jones Says:

    Pimp rappin

  25. Jeramiah Harland Says:

    Except when he became Snoop Lion, but he’s getting old, let him do what he wants.