Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot ft. Pharrell Williams

Movie Ranking: four / five

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24 Responses to “Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot ft. Pharrell Williams”

  1. michael maru Says:


  2. VishKrl Says:

    snoop dogg e foda,cara manja

  3. Nalilat Seunnapha Says:

    @aaaj97 I knowwwww. He’s so fineeee. Where he at?

  4. memo212421 Says:

    you er coo dog 😉

  5. blastjames78 Says:

    They blocked off crip?¿?¿

  6. Caleb Hart Says:

    Snoop!!! The masters! Thumbs way up for one of the best!!! =]

    Check my song “unstoppable” to see if another white boy can rap. Thanks

  7. Yandry valen Says:

    can anyone tell why they censured “ak47 at 3:08 ?

  8. Citychic2000 Says:

    When they’re lowering me into the ground at my funeral, I demand they play this 🙂

  9. ImDuane Says:


  10. aaaj97 Says:

    Pharell is so hot

  11. AFSHARNW8 Says:

    If you have FIREFOX,go on TOOLS. then ADD ONS and get the ADBLOCKER PLUS plugin and adverts wont bother you anymore. thumbs up so ppl can c.

  12. seansdoesntdoweed Says:

    no, just no

  13. mrsguitarPL Says:

    0:11 <3

  14. Miley Pooring Says:

    i love the YMCMB but you smoke weed and i just love you for your song

  15. gonzoaugusta Says:

    Damn Snoop’s Kids are going to get all the sex they want

  16. MrOscaren Says:

    The dude at 1:20 makes the hole video

  17. All3xz22 Says:

    I wasn’t changing that, thnx, it sounds more clearly now 😀

  18. 5202messi Says:

    Bitch please i have 1569 likes B|

  19. FakeButFun Says:

    who is feat ? his in every song

  20. BursaliMusti Says:

    this is snoopp dooggggg

  21. DariusOfficialTV Says:

    tot din cauza asta sunt si eu aici 🙂

  22. d3nut7 Says:

    CHELOO – te frige las-o jos

  23. Amonaxo Nile Says:


  24. AzNbLoOd9012 Says:

    Snoop Lion such a stupid ass name LOL