Snoop Dogg & Rico Rap Video

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29 Responses to “Snoop Dogg & Rico Rap Video”

  1. TheEmoire Says:

    Can that cellphone work in the valley

  2. D4KINE808 Says:

    i wish my back yard was like that!!!

  3. cdothedamnthing Says:

    @ecconz “What it do” = “What’s up” = “How are you feeling/what’s happening”

  4. ecconz Says:

    Is that thing Snoop keeps saying, “What they do?” … I can’t tell what he is saying..

  5. HIVisaLIE Says:

    rico loves bush

  6. mooshashie Says:

    Im from new zealand and all, but i remember when snoop dogg rapped GIN AND JUICE. he’s a corpoate now. 🙁

  7. 100FingeredMonkey Says:

    @markdebark Odd future released all their albums so far (more or less) on their tumblr for free. and are amazing at the same time. alot of rap is shit, yes, bt not all. cast ope yr mind. and btw, I listen to neil young, shostakovich, and nirvana too.

  8. h3ll0gudbye Says:

    Air NZ have too much money…but Snoop’s cool though. That ratty thing is weird.

  9. markdebark Says:

    @Jsn1221, every rapper is a sellout rapper. The entire point of rap is to make money and lay chicks. You’re calling Snoop a sellout like its a bad thing. No. In the rap world, selling out is a sign of success. Props to the double g.

  10. drumcatnau Says:

    I liked the original cut where rico swore. That was more authentic.

  11. Jsn1221 Says:

    i hate the furry piece of shit so much, SNOOP DOGG U FUCKING SELLOUT HOW COULD U DO THIS. maybe without the fucking puppet this could have been cool. just that a new zealand company can afford to buy snoop dogg.

  12. KOCortez Says:

    NZ Snoop fans – make sure to enter this comp!! how cool


  13. ClubDanceLessons Says:

    Sorry Emily “I’m in the FRONT next to RICO” haha hook it up with the Asian Blonde!


  14. ClubDanceLessons Says:

    SORRY “I’m in the FRONT” Emily! haha hook it up with the Asian Blonde!


  15. cmh62691 Says:

    Rico Is Schfifty Shfive Guy and he just want bang bang bang

  16. cmh62691 Says:

    Rico Is Schfifty Shfive Guy

  17. fuzzbal83 Says:

    its a nice backyard………… really nice backyard

  18. kathleen2596 Says:

    …..really nice backyard…lol!!

  19. shaunolsen1 Says:

    thats the shizz he must be wasted

  20. Efalese Says:

    LOL @ 3:31-3:33
    someone make a GIF.

  21. monseestudios Says:


  22. HIVisaLIE Says:

    @HIVisaLIE –watch air NZ’s Rico on Campbell live video on here and you will get it – 5 minute video

  23. HIVisaLIE Says:

    rico is a member of the mile high club

  24. HIVisaLIE Says:

    awesome VIDEO !!!

  25. HIVisaLIE Says:

    @jennasophia16 -watch it until you GET IT JENNA

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  29. Famous Only Says:

    One of my favourite celes ever!