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Lil Wayne Birthday Bash for Daughter

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Lil Wayne, the American rapper, surely knows a thing or two about throwing extravagant parties, especially if it’s a tribute to Reginae Carter, his 16 year-old daughter.

The rapper’s daughter was treated like a princess at her 16t birthday party. Reginae Carter arrived in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. She changed into numerous attires throughout the evening. Lil Wayne organized this party to honor his sweet daughter on her birthday on November 29. The epic party was truly extravagant and magnificent. Her family and friends will certainly remember the occasion for many years.

The birthday bash had a Cinderella theme and everybody appeared in white dresses. The hostess, Reginae Carter, wore a gorgeous silver cut-out gown and arrived in a beautifully decorated horse-drawn carriage. She was the center of attraction for the evening as she changed into 4 different dresses. The guests of this extravagant party got the real surprise when they witnessed an outstanding performance from Nicki Minaj. One of the 4 outfits worn by Reginae included the white blazer that had a message “Young Nae” in gold on the back. Truly, she is the Young Money Princess.

As her birthday gift, Reginae received 2 impressive rides. Reginae’s parents not only ensured that her party was extravagant but she was also surprised when she was gifted with two amazing cars. She now has options as she was presented with a red-colored BMW SUV and a white-colored Ferrari. She received the gifts from her father, Lil Wayne; her mother, Toya; and Memphitz (her stepfather). Well, it seems that she has won the parental lottery!

Lil Wayne calling it a day

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Is it really believable that Lil Wayne is calling it a day? Well, the rapper has stated that Tha Carter V would be his very last album. It is not a ‘story’; Lil Wayne has announced that he would retire following his forthcoming album. The rapper h as confirmed his decision to a leading music channel. Speaking to them, he told that it is the final Carter album. It is stopping at five.

Earlier, Lil Wayne was exposed to the worst rumor – a death hoax. Even though that was not true; he would certainly gonna be missed in the world of music. To Lil Wayne’s rooters, this would be the worst possible news. They would really not like Tha Carter V to be Lil Wayne’s last solo album.

On Wednesday, Lil Wayne told that he personally plan on this album being my last solo; yes and it is definitely the final Carter album. It is the final Carter album. It is stopping at five. A leading site has also reported that the forthcoming album might not be released on 5th May, it may be a bit late.

Even though that the rapper was clear and loud that he was more than serious regarding his retirement; still, there is hope for them fans. If his fans insist, then he might change his decision. In fact, the Young Money artist told that twenty five to thirty five million would get him to do yet another solo album following this.

Lil Wayne speaks about his retirement plans

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Lil Wayne helped Katie Couric to start the season 2 of her day time television chat show on Monday with a breaking interview where he spoke about his seizures, drug addiction, retirement and more. The rapper and Katie Couric first chatted in the year 2009 in a CBS special that ahead the New Orleans man’s 4 Grammy wins that year. Speaking to Katie Couric 4 years later he courteously told her: “I’m a gangsta Miss Katie.”  The show appeared like a meeting between 2 old buddies, who became very close since their very first one on one interview.

Turning to his epilepsy, Lil stated that the round of seizures which kept him at the hospital earlier were brought on by dehydration, codeine addiction and overworking. He told that he had been taking pain tablets and those pills carries codeine in them. Therefore, when he slowed down on the syrup, it was as if a reaction of sorts as he had not been having the codeine.

The “Tapout” star is now quite clean, and he went on to talk about his kids and calling it a day by the age of thirty five to concentrate on fatherhood. He actually has no programs to take his 4 sons and daughter Reginea in this industry. He told that he does not want to pressurize them that they must do this or that. He grew up to be exactly who he wanted to be and how he wanted to be and he wants that for all of his kids.

Lil Wayne visited by top stars in hospital

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Lil Wayne is getting a huge support from people like TI and Snoop Dogg as all of them are praying for Lil Wayne’s. Some of them hsve even visited the hospital where Lil Wayne is admitted. Lil continues to recover from a number of seizures and he is still is in critical condition.

On Saturday, Cash Money chief executive officer Birdman was seen outside the Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA beside a black colored Cadillac Escalade SUV. A leading US based entertainment and gossip site also reported that that Lil Wayne received visits from top hip hop stars such as – Nicki Minaj, NBA star Chris Paul and Drake. all of them were seen leaving the hospital.

On Friday, an insider reported that Lil Wayne was being prepared for his last rites after he was suffering from seizures that was caused by high amounts of codeine in his system. The severity of Lil’s condition was readily refuted by members of his Young Money camp.

Later Lil Wayne’s representative’s stated to Billboard that Lil was recovering. Later a tweet was seen on Lil wayne’s account. It says: “I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.”

TI tweeted: “Just holla’d @my Lil bruh Tunechi…& he skraight! TMZ some f***-niggaz for reporting that hoe-a**-s***!!! That man daughter is like mines.”

Snoop Dogg tweeted: “praying for Lil wayne. N his family. We need a heavy prayer line to get Wayne bc to life. We need to help. He’s our Lil brother @LilTunechi”

Lil Wayne Still Recovering From Seizures

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Lil Wayne has suffered two seizures. He is recovering at his mother’s place. Wayne was admitted in hospital in Texas which was after the first seizure attack in Louisiana. The Wayne doctors have advised me not to travel on air. This led to re-scheduling of his flight out of Los Angeles on Saturday which was gain cancelled on Sunday.

Wayne has also missed a court hearing in Los Angeles on Friday for his case against Quincy Jones III. He is suing over a film QIII made about Weezy. Wayne’s lawyers will be informing the judge about Wayne’s status on Monday as it seemed unlikely that he would be able to attend the court date.

Recent reports suggest that the court has scolded Wayne for his inability to testify on time. Meanwhile a video from his previous court appearance appeared in court which triggered more problems. The video shows Pete Ross repeatedly denying the judge’s questions. The Wayne also shows how Wayne got totally miffed with Pete’s presence.

The American rapper is suing Jones for the alleged usage of his music in the 2009 documentary “The Carter”.