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2 Chainz and Lil Wayne ‘Yuck’ it on the VMA Stage

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Well, 2 Chainz may probably be a new performer, but he has some great rapper friends in this industry and one of them is Lil Wayne. The lanky and tall Deuce took the VMA 2012 stage for the very first time. Chainz spit “Cut the top off, call it Amber Rose,” referring to the once bald headed fiancé (who is now pregnant) of Wiz Khalifa.

Chainz staggered left to right, rocking a black fedora, black tee as well as black glittery gloves, and obviously a couple of golden links around his neck. He recalled in the cavalry after the rap crown holder of Atlanta had total control of the stage.

Lil Wayne glided his way among the spectators and chalked up the stage starting the track’s cruddy hook, “Good weed, bad *itch/ Got these hoes on my d*** like Brad Pitt,” he came shirtless in a cheetah print shorts as well as a totally exposed Trukfit boxers.

Tunechi, who generally prefers to wear shades onstage, attracted the crowd as well as the TV audience by showing love of his rhymes with his eyes. After that, just as rooters came to touch their peak, the DJ interrupt Deuce’s song and prompted the new track of Weezy.

From that point of time, the energy was aroused much higher as Lil Wayne leapt up and down charging through the Dedication 4 track. Even Chainz could not hold his excitement after that. The performance may appear to you as great but it was just 2 good friends enjoying a good time.

Lil Wayne to release Dedication 4 later

Monday, August 20th, 2012

It seems that the fans of Lil Wayne, who are looking ahead to the forthcoming Dedication 4 Gangsta Grillz mixtape, may have to wait a bit longer.

Wayne’s mixtape was about to be released soon, but the chief executive officer Young Money has himself delayed the project to give space to another rapper named 2 Chainz who just released his debut album “Based on a T.R.U. Story” and Lil did not want see his own mixtape in this time as it would give 2 Chainz album a breathing space.

In a statement, Lil Wayne told that he knew that he was supposed to release his Dedication 4 that night, but his homeboy unveiled his album yesterday only. He is his real home boy and he did not want any attention him when the attention needs to be on the album of 2 Chainz, “Based on a T.R.U. Story” and therefore he would not drop his mixtape yet. He would release it in another week or so.

In the meantine, Lil Wayne has given his rooters something new to listen to. Lil remixed a track “No lie” from the new album of 2 Chainez, featuring Drake. Lil also added that he has not totally finished with his mixtape, but he said that he would do it very soon.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, joined Cash Money Records when he was nine years old. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in his career and his life was also full of controversies.

Lil Wayne answers Mac Miller’s “Questions”

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Mac Miller is a novice, but his ever-growing directory has a lot of notable tunes. The gold-selling “Donald Trump” is a crowd puller at shows. His jump-up-and-rock the floor “Knock, Knock”, has swept the people off their feet. Now, Mac Miller’s recent Lil Wayne collaboration “The Question” is ranking high.

Mac Miller claimed to MTV News that “The Question” is one of the favorite records that he has ever done. Mac Miller amazed fans when he released Macadelic last week. It was not the quality of songs that stood out, his fans have come to expect the best from the Pittsburgh MC. Instead it was Macadelic’s features that stood out to many.

For Mac Miller “The Question” was special. The song is meaningful song to him and he wanted to make sure he got Wayne for something that was right from the heart. Mac Miller says he got Lil Wayne on record that he was saying something and not just talking nonsense. Therefore he feels that this record really deals with a question that he has been going through in his own head for long.

Mac Miller also adds that he feels a lot of people’s lives, at a certain point and several questions come across the mind. He felt what was he doing and for what. Then came in to rescue Mac Miller was Lil Wayne. He came in and killed the verse of the song. Mac Miller found it quite good.

Thus Mac Miller says that it is because of Lil Wayne that he found the answers to his “Questions” which has been lingering in his mind for long. He is grateful to Lil Wayne for helping him out.


Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Lil Wayne, the Young rapper, is not engaged. Since last spring, the rapper has been linked to Dhea, his girlfriend. Few days ago, Wayne tweeted a message on his Twitter account saying, “She said yes!”

Wayne is not a frequent Twitter visitor and the reply got to him quite fast. On 15th February, Wednesday, he further tweeted to clear the air, “Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant ‘she said yes’ to being my valentine!!!”……”Hahahahahahaha! Y’all krazy!”

Last May, Lil Wayne and girlfriend Dhea were first seen in Miami and a magazine called Complex dug up some info on Wayne’s leading lady. The magazine reported that Dhea is actually from Scottsdale, Arizona. Previously, she used to work at Suede Restaurant & Lounge.

Over the last one year, Dhea has kept company with the rapper as he is skipped across continents and cities during Wayne’s I Am Still Music Tour. MTV News joined Lil Wayne, Ronald “Slim” Williams, Birdman as well as the cash money team in New Orleans in the Thanksgiving holiday while they gave turkeys. That time Dhea was right by Wayne’s side.

In last year’s December, they were clicked at a LA Lakers game and when Wayne went to South Africa for his performance, another message on Twitter suggested that Dhea was there as well, “In S. Africa w/ my homies, makin $, sk8’n, performing my azz off, & I get 2 make luv 2 the most beautiful woman! Mylifemylifemylifemylife. YOLO,”
Till date, the most serious relationship he had was with Toya Carter, his ex wife. Toya is also the mother of Reginae Carter, his daughter. Wayne talked about this relation on VH1 “Behind the Music” special, revealing that the two maintain a nice relationship.

Dez Bryant facing legal battle

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Rapper Lil’ Wayne got involved in a noisy argument with Dez Bryant, the wide receiver of Dallas Cowboys at a nightclub in Miami. This ultimately led to the police detention of the National Football League star.

David Wells, the mentor of Dez Bryant confirmed on Tuesday that Dez was involved in a quarrel at the LIV Nightclub at Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach on this week’s Sunday night. On Wednesday, it was revealed that the altercation involved a renowned rapper’s entourage and that rapper was none other than Lil’ Wayne.

The fight between Lil’ Wayne and Dez Bryant apparently started when Bryant faced some derision for his financial woes and subpar season.
However, exactly who made these mocking remarks is not specifically known.

In recent times, Dez had been reportedly trying to avoid the reporters and media spotlight after reports surfaced regarding the lawsuit he faced at the New York hotel where the Dallas Cowboys team was residing while they were having their game with the New York Giants on the 1st of January.

The lawsuit has been brought by a New York-based finance firm called Endurance Capital Fund. According to them, Dez owes a large sum of money that exceeds $50,000 on an original loan of $100,000. The finance company claims that the loan debt has past its due date for more than a year. Dez has also been accused for eluding the Texas process servers.

Earlier during the last season, Dez had settled two lawsuits that were brought by jewelry manufacturers. One of these lawsuits allegedly claimed that Dez owed $600,000 for sporting event tickets and jewels.
The other lawsuit claimed that he owed a sum of $240,000 for jewelry.

On March 2011, he directed profanity towards a police officer of a fashionable Dallas mall who had asked Dez and his friends to wear their pants decently. A criminal trespass warning was issued on Bryant’s name and he was also temporarily banned to enter the premises of the mall.