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Lil Wayne answers Mac Miller’s “Questions”

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Mac Miller is a novice, but his ever-growing directory has a lot of notable tunes. The gold-selling “Donald Trump” is a crowd puller at shows. His jump-up-and-rock the floor “Knock, Knock”, has swept the people off their feet. Now, Mac Miller’s recent Lil Wayne collaboration “The Question” is ranking high.

Mac Miller claimed to MTV News that “The Question” is one of the favorite records that he has ever done. Mac Miller amazed fans when he released Macadelic last week. It was not the quality of songs that stood out, his fans have come to expect the best from the Pittsburgh MC. Instead it was Macadelic’s features that stood out to many.

For Mac Miller “The Question” was special. The song is meaningful song to him and he wanted to make sure he got Wayne for something that was right from the heart. Mac Miller says he got Lil Wayne on record that he was saying something and not just talking nonsense. Therefore he feels that this record really deals with a question that he has been going through in his own head for long.

Mac Miller also adds that he feels a lot of people’s lives, at a certain point and several questions come across the mind. He felt what was he doing and for what. Then came in to rescue Mac Miller was Lil Wayne. He came in and killed the verse of the song. Mac Miller found it quite good.

Thus Mac Miller says that it is because of Lil Wayne that he found the answers to his “Questions” which has been lingering in his mind for long. He is grateful to Lil Wayne for helping him out.