The Slope Formula Snoop Dogg Style “Math Rap”

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25 Responses to “The Slope Formula Snoop Dogg Style “Math Rap””

  1. chris mcdonald Says:

    expensive!!!!!! just kidding cheeeeeeeeeep!!!!!

  2. Canaan Edwards Says:

    this video sucks

  3. MrMoothecow Says:


  4. MrHaha200 Says:

    wow I spent almost 2 years trying to remember this formula…I love music,
    my teacher says it rots the mind. I’m showing her your video tommorow. You
    should make another video midpoint, distance, and pythagorean theorem.

  5. CaptainPassion Says:

    hahahah we had to watch this in class…

  6. sano0311 Says:

    seven people who disliked this video are in favor of negative slope which
    goes straight to hell

  7. GreenMe3 Says:

    Haha, My teacher did the same thing and nooow we have it stuck in our
    headsss ! 🙂

  8. trampolineskateboard Says:

    Can i use this for extra credit in math?

  9. VietAsiannation Says:

    @hebanickjonas Sexual Eruption by Snoop dog

  10. TheEternalForest Says:

    i can’t understand this languages.

  11. breezyace Says:

    cool way to learn.

  12. ashley cheverie Says:

    new idol

  13. AlexChildlovesmonkey Says:

    @MiddleCollegeKiD I just wanted to say that Mrs Kelly is the best teacher
    eva and this the most amazing video in the world you are the coolest
    boy/girl i have ever sawed. make more videos plzz cuz u da next
    eninem/nicki minaj and you going places kid.

  14. Jessie E Says:

    not thebest

  15. vermylenp Says:

    wait until high school buddy

  16. 13Nesa Says:

    how can i download this slope song for a school project

  17. rodyrodyrody1 Says:

    lol very nice

  18. mzcherry Says:

    This actually helped on my homework, I really suck at math, so thanks!

  19. Balldamax Says:

    this is a girl to let yall kno

  20. essence finley Says:

    my teacher had us learn it in class

  21. Rosa Ayala Says:

    wow just heard dis song in class lol work it

  22. LusksNiece Says:

    you should make me one for my algebra project(: haha.

  23. Shae Cruse Says:

    I love this video! im going to use this in my lesson tomorrow!

  24. TheBadGamer98 Says:

    @479Destiny same here

  25. Symcurl Says:

    @lawlacost1 didnt u know thats a girl