Trey Songz – Hail Mary ft. Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne [Official Video]

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25 Responses to “Trey Songz – Hail Mary ft. Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne [Official Video]”

  1. Brandon whitehead Says:

    the song hail mary has nothing to do with church at all he is using the the play called hail mary in foot ball which is a deep long pass into sex term sayin he goin to go in deep n some pussy like a hail marry play come on guys listen to the lyrics

  2. Phelipe De Sousa Says:

    It has nothing to do with religion. Hail Mary is a play in football.. you saw the last play? They all went far out to catch the ball? thats hail mary. They all go as far as they can to catch the ball to win the game.

  3. hypnotictable Says:

    YOU SNAPPED!!! That nigga is defiently not the best haha.

  4. khadijah andrews Says:

    he got on a trukfit snapback

  5. Mel Rivers Says:

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  6. IMBeatzProduction Says:

    —–thum up if you think that this song would be better if CHOCOLATE DROPPA was on it  instead lil wayne!

  7. wogboy54 Says:

    trey songz is the shit man, chapter v is seriously the best album, is he with a big label, cause his videos never look expensive, if u no what i mean

  8. ShowerMyUnicorn Says:

    are you one crack?
    Eminem clearly takes the cake, no questions asked 


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  10. TheWwecenasucks Says:

    im surprise lil wayne dosnt have a trukfit shirt on.

  11. MsTreysongzlover12 Says:

    yeah its actually a play in football; i’m a girl and even i know that…..

  12. Scott Winchester Says:

    Okay, I get the confusion but Hail Mary is a football play as well…

  13. Carlos thejudge Says:

    hail mary(jesus mother) has nothing to do with this. this guys are mocking the catholic church and christainity.

  14. Carlos thejudge Says:

    “Tongues” R Kelly Ft. Ludacris
    Trey songz u just keep copying r kelly dont you.
    R KELLY- TONGUES vs TREY SONGZ- hail mary.
    what a copycat(trey songz)

  15. Carlos thejudge Says:

    HAIL MARY vs Pussy. oh GOD the world is fucked up.

  16. StraightUpLame Says:

    Ay forget you man!


  17. Carlos thejudge Says:

    this is a mockery of catholic church. What has hail mary gotta do with girls shaking their ass. This is ridiculous.

  18. Carlos thejudge Says:

    Weezy aint a legend. 

  19. Valerie Mikko Says:




    “Good Music Never Dies”

  20. s0ur4pplem4rtini Says:

    LOL @ ” I do NOT want to send you back to the strip club. “

  21. s0ur4pplem4rtini Says:

    Finally! Somebody with some sense. It’s amazing how they are STILL talkin about what was nothing but a PR stunt for these rappers.

  22. XMonkeyBrainizationX Says:

    No, Lil Wayne and all rappers these days are illuminati

  23. Angela Rodgers Says:


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  24. icecreamandwine Says:

    T.O. at 1:15 holding the ball

  25. thesleekflamingo eightysix Says:

    yes you are glad u know it. “thuglife… yeah u are fucking lame. it has no reference to Pac in this song or his song Hail Mary