Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform Coachella Live 2012

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25 Responses to “Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform Coachella Live 2012”

  1. thiuslord Says:

    Everyone give me your attention!
    Its 2014 and i can assure you that Tupac is alive!

    The proof is at my channel
    Visit it and share it with everyone, SPREAD THE MESSAGE.

  2. Antonela Makaveli Says:

    guys..do u even know he never preformed HAIL MARY live?? it was realesed 2
    months after his death!!!!!!!!!!! this is the first live performance of
    hail mary!!

  3. Jewelz Pabon Says:

    i would cry just looking at a hologram of Tupac, i love him, West Side till
    i die 

  4. HamNediaj Says:

    Tupac sucks he doesn’t have shit on soulja boy #SODMG

  5. xxcharmed1xx Says:

    This was so brilliant. I’m so glad Dre and Snoop wanted to do this. But It
    makes me sad and miss him and his music. He was the realest. Never will be
    another like him. RIP PACAVELI

  6. MarYaN ProCs Says:

    I don’t know if is cool or scary ._.

  7. FRANK151 Says:


  8. Darksin98 Says:

    This wasn’t a hologram, it’s the ghost of 2pac giving us one last
    performance. RIP

  9. xGodDeRx Says:

    2pac for life!

  10. Turf Coa Says:

    Why they mute a part where Pac say killuminati…?

  11. JoeCnNd Says:

    Ok, at first I thought this was pretty stupid but I guess it could be cool
    with duets like this.

  12. BtownOG Says:

    how did they get that to say whats sup coachella

  13. Archie Taylor Says:

    Coachella wasn’t around when he was alive so this is a hologram but it was
    recorded after his death because he faked his death and he will come back
    this year! *mind blown*

  14. Danny Hernandez Says:

    Fucking belieber fuck outta here bitch you wouldnt know music if it killed

  15. regina regina Says:

    OMG! OMG! No, no, no! This is too much! This is REALLY WRONG! No! No! No!
    Stop this! 

  16. Jonas Kristensen Says:

    Edited the part he said “Killuminati” such a shame…

  17. Craig Stanhope Says:

    i love tupac ,but this hollogram shit is corny… tupac himself would hate
    this its just horrible. dosent remind me of pac in the slightest

  18. Michelle Howard Says:

    I don’t know how Snoop pulled that off, I couldn’t rap, I’d be to busy

  19. Joshua Lange Says:

    How can you dislike a video of one of the greatest artists of all time? 

  20. Ahmad Danish Says:

    I thought thats was real

  21. Angelo Papageorgiou Says:

    people on gear would have lost their shit

  22. Saientific Says:

    they had someone else that sounds like tupac to say it

  23. Edanaz Şekerli Says:


  24. Fernando Dimi Says:

    3.920 dislike ? F U

  25. Leonardo Medeiros Says:

    just no