Westwood – Snoop Dogg freestyle 1Xtra

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25 Responses to “Westwood – Snoop Dogg freestyle 1Xtra”

  1. QUYMOBIUZ79 Says:

    Snoop Dogg = Legend, MC, Rapper, Actor, Poet, Storyteller, Pimp, Crip,
    Marijuana activist, etc etc etc etc…ADD TO THE LIST:

  2. Djderekdude Says:

    Reposting so yall can see

    1:25 Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon – Kush
    2:50 Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre – Just Dippin’
    3:48 Game – Red Nation
    5:29 Birdman ft. Tyga – Loyalty
    6:40 J. Cole Feat. Drake – In The Morning

  3. GFXLab Says:

    I think Snoop does something that most rappers can’t. He listens to the
    beat. He is the pure definition of natural talent.

  4. DK Reigns Says:

    1. Tupac 2. Eminem 3. Snoop Dogg 4. DMX ….99. Lil Wayne 100: Justin

  5. Yavuz Kocabey Says:

    Bruv that bodyguard he got is fucking massive 

  6. Smity Smith Says:

    Snoop with some free mic’ing on Tim Westwood show (radio 1, London) 
    Listen from 6:40 for proper truth!

  7. Siem van de Peppel Says:

    thats one damn good piece of rap

  8. HookedOnChronics Says:

    Snoop’s voice is relaxing

  9. Oscar Stone Says:

    The last one is crazy, he told a story coming off the top, it had mad flow
    and he didn’t stop. So many of the big rappers go on Westwood with
    writtens, snoop keeps it real with the FREEstyle!

  10. CMGG123 Says:

    6:03 Tim just throws off his headphones like stopppppp this is too good.
    One word, savagery.

  11. Dirty Harry Says:

    snizzy dizzy up in the hizzy fo shizzy my nizzy gettin bizzy

  12. Kobil Shakur Says:

    beat at 3:00?

  13. Mat Pearn Says:

    Snoop dee oh double G Snoop dee oh double G Snoop dee oh double G Snoop dee
    oh double G Snoop dee oh double G…..

    We all know your cooked as fuck and cant freestyle.

  14. Frank Myers Says:

    i am a huge snoop fan. I know i will get bashed for this but i watched the
    whole video, he cannot freestyle that well. he has a little talent but not
    that much with freestyle. He is a song writer but not a freestyle artist
    for sure. I love his music but theres guys just on my block who do better
    and there not even that good compared to the places i have traveled and
    heard. No disrespect to snoop bc he kept it real. Love snoop.

  15. ammari504 Says:

    Girl at 8:56 is like “He’s high as fuck”

  16. James Fogarty Says:

    this some bullshit he’s asleep ain’t he fuck man 

  17. MrKotchise Says:

    Snoop kill this loyalty beats 

  18. YoungMeek Says:

    Now this a Freestyle

  19. connor healy Says:

    I wish the real snoop was here not this regge shit

  20. Lazizxon Ahmedov Says:

    1:40 . Beat please?

  21. Just Your Regular God Says:

    he got all that money and he wearing $12 sunglasses 

  22. poopasoreass Says:

    Real MC. Goes off the top on all these beats, then slows it down in the
    end. Also showing respect to the interviewers, unlike most of these rappers
    comin up.

  23. Ananya Chahar Says:

    which songs beat at 0.56

  24. BO NE Says:

    Yabadabadoo westwood

  25. musicsoundsification Says:

    listen from 7:00 you hear his earing tinkel on tha beat haha like its from
    tha beat